• have you recorded or are you planning to record songs and don’t know how to proceed?
  • whether at home, in a garage, rehearsal room, at a concert or in a professional studio?
  • send us the recorded tracks and we will mix them to your satisfaction
  • send us as much information about the songs as possible so that you have your expected work at home as soon as possible
  • let us know information such as: I like this song, I want it to sound similar /// there must be louder guitars /// I want this song to be very dynamic /// in this song I want vocal distortion, etc.
  • when we process your songs, we will send them to you and if everything is in order, we do not have to edit anything and we will master the song
  • mixing, mastering, production
  • recording live drums to your song in our acoustically modified mixing studio (our drummer)
  • recording other instruments such as guitar, bass (our guitarist)
  • creation of web pages for performers at a discounted package price
  • we will download your uploaded files and sort them in our DAW (Logic Pro X) and then connect them to the mixer
  • if necessary, we will edit your tracks and clean them of noise
  • then we balance the volumes and use an equalizer on the mixer to clean up unpleasant frequencies and store all the instruments in the entire frequency spectrum
  • if samples and triggers are needed, we will use them
  • in analog form with hardware, we apply the compressor to the given tracks
  • we will use hardware reverb and delay
  • also, where necessary, we use plugins such as saturation, limiter, pitch corection, etc.
  • the export comes and the song goes to mastering, which is included in the mixing package
  • further export, we upload the song and send it to you for listening
  • tracks must be clearly marked (eg kick, bass, guitar, vocals, etc.)
  • make sure that the tracks do not have audio cliping, so that they are not “burned” and therefore devalued for mixing
  • make sure that all exported tracks start from the same place, e.g. (0:00, bar1 etc.)
  • export tracks to .wav format
  • don’t forget to export MIDI / Virtual Instruments
      • you can upload your material via wetransfer.com, but keep in mind that the maximum upload size is 2GB
      • you can also upload the material to us via your google drive or in another way that is simple for you
      • you can also send us a cover letter with the material, where all the additional information to be included in the song will be send a link to the repository with your material to studio@pyranoja.com
  • result for one to two songs, will be ready within about three days of uploading your complete material
  • for an EP or album, the duration will depend on the number and length of the songs, but as soon as possible (do not hesitate to ask)
  • Your finished material for the hearing will be sent to you via Google drive
  • you select a subpage in the menu section that concerns your interest
  • in the subpage you will choose a package suitable for you and send it
  • v prípade, že balíček nebude obsahovať všetko čo potrebujete, neváhajte nám poslať doplňujúcu správu
  • potvrdíme Vám objednávku, prípadne doriešime nejasnosti a odpovieme na prípadnú doplňujúcu správu
  • then you can upload your material to us and the process can begin
  • payment will not be made until the work is completed
  • we will send you a song that will be shortened and after your satisfaction and receipt of payment to our account, you will be sent the whole song in .wav format
  • Of course, the more songs, the better the price per song
  • there are various packages in the subpage you are interested in
  • if you do not find your needs among the various packages, do not hesitate to contact us
  • definitely yes, PYRANOJA STUDIO also offers this option
  • write to us for more information
  • yes, after consultation with you, we can record acoustic drums, guitars, bass guitar and, if necessary and by agreement, other instruments
  • for those who have ordered a mixing service from us, they have free mastering



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