Mastering is the final phase after which your work is ready for the ears of your fans.

In this part, we will make sure that your work has a nice stereo image, is clearer, cleaner, has enough bass that will not be mumbled and reaches world works with volume.

Mastering helps to achieve a similar album / EP sound, in which you have more songs that have been recorded in different places, studios, at different times and with different recording equipment.

We test the final mastering in mono and stereo mode, on studio monitors, a hi-fi system, two different closed headphones, on stand-up headphones and of course in the car.

When is the song ready for the master?

This is when it is a well-made mix that does not clip (distort), has nicely and clearly distributed instruments throughout the frequency spectrum, is well balanced in volume and especially likes.

Farebný equalizér
Počúvanie hudby

How to prepare a mix for the master?

  • remove all plugins on the “master fader” such as equalizer, compressor, limiter, etc.
  • export your mix to one track in .wav format so that your peak level on the “master fader” is a maximum of -3dB
  • if you have a problem with something or you are not sure, do not hesitate to write to us
  • upload your mix via wetransfer.com and you can send it to us


mastering 1 song
10 per song
  • for 1 master
  • 30 days revision
  • master within 72 hours
50% off


mastering 3-7 songs
18 per song
  • for 3-7 masters
  • 30 days revision
  • master within 5 days


mastering 8 and more songs
15 per song
  • for 8 and more masters
  • 30 days revision
  • master within 10 days



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